The Team

The team at Parallaxx is a diverse, focused and collaborative bunch who collectively excel at each of their specialist skill areas. Together they form an effective, well-rounded vibrant unit.


Dave Tilton

Dave began his traffic management career after time spent in the health and fitness industry and in the Military.

Dave is a Level 1 TC & STMS Trainer, Level 2/3 Practicing STMS as well as an NZTA Driving Instructor and NZQA Assessor. Currently completing his MBA at AUT, Dave is well engrossed in all aspects of the trade of traffic management having spent considerable time on road, in the training classroom and coordinating small and large scale projects, he has also completed the NZTA Road Safety Barrier Qualifications.

Dave is still active in the Territorial Army and with formidable management experience also acts as a consultant and mentor for various smaller clients.

Amie Tilton

Amie is a qualified and experienced graphic designer and advertising creative. Having spent a number of years in the Advertising industry and with a few awards under her belt, Amie joined Dave in the creation of Parallaxx.

Now as a Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS and TMP designer, the two trades have been fused. From Traffic Management Tender preparation to design, website and copywriting – Amie embodies the formidable professionalism that comes with the Parallaxx brand.

Ashlee-Rose Morgan

Ashlee-Rose has a background in office administration working within construction and civil. She has both a certificate in Business and a Certificate in Business Management (Financial Administration) from AUT which makes here a perfect complimentary member of the Parallaxx team.

Ashlee also has a rather unique background in Natuarl Health making her a very well rounded and collaborative member of the team. Now as a Level 2/3 Non Practising STMS her experience offers Parallaxx an array of proficiency and competence.[/content]

Andrew Young

Andrew has been involved in the traffic management industry in many capacities since beginning his career over ten years ago when he graduated with a Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Andrew spent a number of his early years working on state highway maintenance contracts as an Area Engineer, Contract Manager, and Operations Engineer around the Coromandel Peninsular and Tauranga in between living in Canada for 6 months. Each of these positions involved reviewing and auditing traffic management plans and the actual implementation on the road.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Andrew took up a position at the fledgling Auckland Motorway Alliance as Traffic Management Coordinator which turned in to a four year tour of duty. Whilst at the AMA, Andrew was responsible for coordinating all TM on the motorway system, as well as reviewing and approving all TMP’s, auditing sites, liaising with government departments (NZTA, NZ Police, etc), and liaising with major capital projects.

Andrew is a Level 1 TC/STMS Trainer as well as a Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS.

Neil Oliver

As a qualified Civil Engineer, Neil brings a depth and breadth of experience to the team that is extremely valuable. Upon arrival in New Zealand in 2008, Neil has held numerous site engineer positions with Fulton Hogan in Gisborne, Newmarket Viaduct Replacement (Northern Gateway Alliance) and Cuaseway Alliance.

Neil’s Traffic Management background comes from his time spent with the Auckland Motorway Alliance (NZTA) as a Traffic Management Designer and coordinator, and his robust civil engineering background means his ability to meld construction needs with traffic management requirements is impressive.

Neil’s CAD capability, construction nous and practically-minded traffic management expertise are the perfect set of skills to act (as he has so many times before) a traffic manager, TMP designer, traffic consultant and traffic management tendering consultant.