At Parallaxx we speacialise in the professional services side of Temporary Traffic Management. Parallaxx Services are not just limited to TMP design, we can assist with tendering, road controlling authority liaison, auditing and much more.

tmp design in new zealand

We are pioneers in the Traffic Management Plan design space. Parallaxx is currently the primary organisation designing outsourced TMPs for the Auckland Motorway Alliance, Fulton Hogan Auckland, Downer NZ Northern Region and numerous other contractors in Auckland and Wellington. Our TMPs are preferred by many due to their precision, accuracy, timeliness and professional look. For confidentiality reasons, we are unable to provide you with live TMP examples however if you are looking for a partner to prepare, submit and coordination your Traffic Management needs – we are happy to gift you your first TMP free of charge in order to prove our capability.

 auditing by parallax

The opportunity to improve relies on firstly, identification. An unscripted, unbiased comprehensive inspection to identify where development is possible.
That’s where we come in.

Our comprehensive auditing service is, put simply, a pair of well trained and keen eyes to help you make improvements in your on-road services. Our fulltime on-road Auditor has a ton of on-road experience and is 100% dedicated to delivering this comprehensive audit service. Here’s what it involves:
> A full Temporary Traffic Management Audit based on the CoPTTM guidelines. This not only allows you to see the level of CoPTTM to get a picture of how the RCA’s will see it.
> Other than ‘has an induction been received?’ – the TT M audit process doesn’t really do justice to the level of health and safety and hazard management required by onsite staff. Our auditor will review hazard management, paperwork and importantly inductions to determine the level of basic health and safety procedure adherence. From the recorded hazards to the mitigation actions to the emergency procedures – the auditor will investigate just how robust things are.
> Not only will our auditor evaluate traffic management, they will check drivers licences, site safe, induction records, vehicle compliance and PPE. All those other important things that are often not regularly checked.
> An important element often forgotten. The auditor will also take a moment to speak to the client/foreman/team leader. Their feedback is important. As the on-road end-user, even a few words of wisdom can help the service they receive be tailored better.
> The independent nature of these audits is important. We are impartial and objective – regardless of history or background, what we see is what we evaluate. You can be confident you are receiving an unscripted and unbiased view of things so you get the real picture – not a filtered one.

Its not just an audit, its training

More important that the check, is what we do about it. We are firm believers in seizing all opportunities to improve and we can help with that. As part of the audit process, your onsite staff wont just receive a cold hearted inspection – they will be coached. If a fault is identified, once its recorded your staff will be educated to help them improve. Our auditor will spend time not just finding holes, but helping plug them so that your staff go home that day at least a little wiser and more responsible than when they came in.

A Full Report the same day

Timely, complete information is important for on-the-spot development and redirection. The report will include the raw audit data collected and all photos and videos. You’ll get a comprehensive list of recommendations relating to the audit results – . Remember, some of these recommendations
may have already been actioned onsite by the Auditor – as we’ve said, we pride ourselves on coaching through audits, not just finding holes. Your report will be complete as one, with photos inserted and captioned and professionally presented – so you can use that report with anyone you
wish. Whilst of course there is benefit in the independence of our audit service, we are happy to brand it with your colours if you wish.

Photos and Video with every audit

Its important to see examples and have evidence. Not just for improvement but for praise. For teaching and coaching, the captured material can be priceless and without seeing it – its difficult to truly dissect the onsite performance yourself.

Minimal disruption

Of course its unfair to disrupt sites for an auditor to go over things with a fine tooth comb. We would work with you and be responsive to the every changing needs of the site and the staff. Our audits will only be conducted when we can work in harmony with the crew onsite to ensure the work still gets done as normal.


Through our sister company, Traffic Management Academy we provide Traffic Management Training for Level 1 TC, Level 1 TC (Inspector), Level 1 STMS, Level 2/3 STMS Assessments and Waste Collection Team Leader (WCTL) qualifications.

Training, coaching, development, assessment – various concepts relating to quality human resources. Traffic Management relies on on-road people who are empowered and responsible, as well as support people who are well-rounded and trustworthy. We are experts in creating those types of people. Obviously organisations rely on good quality cost effective training. This, we can do.

This means staff don’t just need to know their stuff, but they need to be responsible and accountable too – and training should cater for this need also. Our training is different to others. Not only do we provide (arguably) the best quality and most polished NZTA courses in New Zealand – but critically, we provide what nobody else does – practical hands on development.

A TC or STMS doesn’t need more reading material or a lecture, they need real facilitated and guided lessons with the equipment to get it right when nobody is around. Our head trainer, Dave Tilton is a master of training system development and from the health and fitness industry, to teaching, to the military and of course traffic management – he has honed his skills in the art of imparting information, and developing people in extraordinarily short spaces of time. Numerous well known traffic companies in the industry currently use his training systems and if you’ve ever wondered who trained all those TC’s and STMS’s who ran the largest Traffic Management operation in New Zealand in 2011 (that golden cup we won) – yep, that was him. For all online training bookings please email us at

On-Road Practical Training

NZTA training currently facilitates theory-based workshops to qualify individuals to Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS. Companies supplement that with practical steps to ‘round-out’ an STMS or TC so they can function. Existing habits, good or bad, are passed through generations. At Parallaxx we believe in facilitating training and development where staff employ their capability – onsite. All the theory training in the world cannot guarantee change to an employee’s practical abilities – so in conjunction with our auditing service, we use our extensive on-road experience to steer STMS’ and TC’s in the right direction.

Training Systems

For many organisations, a robust system for training, development, reporting and ongoing assessment is at best a chore and often non-existent. We have extensive experience in the development of organisation-wide training systems from pathway management to administration and how that integrates into performance management. We can help with a system for your organisation that means your staff are motivated to step up to the next level and are trained, led and equipped to win.