Parallaxx is about providing innovative and intelligent TMP Design, auditing, consultancy and Temporary Traffic Management engineering services NZ wide.

Precise, professional and intelligent Traffic Management design is an art form – combining scientific CoPTTM detail with innovation, creativity and technology – that is out future. Parallaxx is ready, able and committed to delivering that future as a collaborative pioneer.

The team at Parallaxx believe in fresh and innovative thinking. We will challenge the norm by developing revolutionary Traffic Management solutions from end to end. To truly innovate, one must identify each and every opportunity for change and most importantly, take those opportunities. We are a team of equals who collaborate on everything, yet we each have diverse and equally important skills and experiences.

Everything about our team is purpose built to achieve synergy so at every turn, we achieve more as a group of professionals than individuals who pull in different directions. With that in mind we will lead the industry. Leadership through teamwork of course – where we work alongside clients to achieve joint excellence. Our success in all fields will be from helping others succeed.

Such industry leadership will be achieved by:

  1. Providing excellent training systems that develop professionals at all levels.
  2. Providing design services that are precise, responsive and highly detailed
  3. Providing onsite auditing and coaching services that work with people in their primary working environment
  4. Providing consultation and Traffic Management project coordination services that are efficient and trusted
  5. In all of the above, using technology at every turn to work smarter in each and every process we do

At Parallaxx we have fortnightly innovation meetings where the team gets to table all their thoughts on what we can do better, and what we can do to help the industry evolve. The Traffic Management evolution has already started – we aim to not just be passengers but engineers of that evolution.